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Post by Solstice on Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:36 pm

Hello! I received a suggestion that I should make a list of ranks for you all.

So, if your character lives in no kingdom, they are a rogue or loner.
If they live in one of the dragon element kingdoms, they can be the following:

Guard (For humans and dragons) - They protect the kingdom, mainly the god's/goddess' palace.
Hunter/Huntress (For humans and dragons) - They hunt for food for the kingdom.
Warrior (For humans and dragons) - A fighter for the kingdom,
Archer (For trusted humans) - They are the ones who bring hellfire during wars, and help out the hunters with their prey catching.
Blacksmith (For humans and dragons) - They create and repair the tools used by the warriors, hunters, guards, and assassins.
Assassin (For humans and dragons) - They kill off any person or god that has trifled with their god/goddess.
Sorcerer (For humans and dragons) - They create potions for healing, harm and other stuff. They protect the kingdom, do the assassin's job at times, and heal.

TAKE NOTE: Rogues can be sorcerers, hunters, huntresses, archers.

I hope this clears some stuff up!

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