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Glorious, Goddess of Water

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Glorious, Goddess of Water   Empty Glorious, Goddess of Water

Post by Glorious on Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:58 am

Mermaid Form:
Glorious, Goddess of Water   Mermaid-anime-msyugioh123-29579663-300-396
Normal Form:
Glorious, Goddess of Water   14178d1145111773-what-you-would-look-like-anime-character-1145099963_calliopeia
Sea Dragon Form:
Glorious, Goddess of Water   Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHLjsSlAXS2RX9Bm_twtvWzwQOx5ECXsc8h9ehALEP1aVuu4d1

Name: Glorious Seashine
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Currently 19 years of age

Species: Human Goddess, but she can  turn to other forms, like to a Sea Dragon and a Mermaid.
Element: Water
Glorious is a tall and lean woman, with long hair that can change to colors only of the sea, like green, blue, and sometimes purple or pink and orange like the color inside of seashells or coral. Her hair sometimes has the tiniest of seashells and flowers neatly twirled in strands of her hair. Glorious is beautiful. Look at the picture for her normal apparel. She is barefooted most times.
In her mermaid form, her tail is sky-blue, but has a pink shine to it.
Her sea dragon form, she is a long Chinese-like dragon with dark blue scales and golden eyes. She is 50 ft. in this form.
Being Goddess of Water, she has blue and green auras of many shades embracing her, but they are barely noticable.
Glorious is a cheerful, bubbly, and happy-go-lucky girl. She loves to play games, but is serious when she needs to. She is slow to anger, but a way to get her attention really quick is to insult her kingdom, friends, and anything she loves, especially her hair. She loves to make friends, and is never mean to anyone, even if they hate her. She never hates anything, or tries not to. She loves peace and serenity, and does her best to make it last.
Rank: Goddess

Inamorato/Inamorata: IDK what this is, but I'll just say no.
Relations: Her mother was a mermaid, and her father was a human. She is an only child.


Water, of course
Fighting in the water, or near water
Having something to fight for

Turn into water or sea creatures
Speaking in the language of sea animals
Controlling sea animals with her mind
Using water as armor

Staying away from water for a long time... It will drive her slowly to insanity.
Betrayal from a loved one... She will never be the same again.
Death of a loved one... She will not be focused on anything for a time.


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Glorious, Goddess of Water   Empty Re: Glorious, Goddess of Water

Post by Solstice on Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:13 pm

Accepted! She's going to make a good gen 5 goddess. But Solstice hates her

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