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Chatbox & Forum Rules

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Chatbox & Forum Rules Empty Chatbox & Forum Rules

Post by SpyGuy on Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:19 am


Below are the rules, and recommended behavior in the chatbox. 3 warnings is a tempban, and 5 is a permaban.

1: No swearing: This gets you a warning.

2: No inappropriate/ and or offensive content: This gets you 2 warnings. (no graphic images/shock site links, or others, these will get you bans.)

3: No flaming/bullying/insulting others: This gets you 2 warnings. (includes OOC fighting)

4: No spamming: This gets you a warning.


This isn't required, but people appreciate it.

1: Be kind: It isn't hard, just do it.

2: Use proper grammar: Punctuation is key. If you make spelling errors, it's fine.

3: Don't go allcaps rage: If you do it once or twice, it's ok, and if it's appropriate, but otherwise, a mod will kick you for excessive caps.

4: No uber lovey-dovey stuff: Romance/ shipping is ok, but keep it mature.

5: Only tease/ critique if allowed: Don't critique people if they don't allow it, and don't tease. If they say yes, then you can.

6: Don't post irrelevant things: It's annoying and rude.

7: Don't be rude: If you can't do this, then be quite.


All the rules above apply.

1: Post relevant threads/ posts: If the forum is about horses, don't post ducks. If the thread is about ducks, don't post horses.

2: Post in correct sub-forums: Also, no posting in General Announcements, unless you're a mod or higher.

Post in this thread if I missed anything

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