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Twilight, Goddess of Darkness <3

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Twilight, Goddess of Darkness <3 Empty Twilight, Goddess of Darkness <3

Post by Twilight on Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:10 pm

Name: Twilight
Gender: Female
Age: 26 in human years / 182 dog years
Species: Wolf
Element: Darkness
Wolf Version (Main): She is a black wolf with purple markings and blue eyes. Also strong and sharp, powerful fangs.
Human Version(at times): A pale-skinned Girl. Has Black hair and the ends are highlighted Purple. Wears a lot of dark clothing and sharp blue eyes.
Personality: Twilight has a sharp tone most of the time, but she is gentle with weak ones of her clans, like little pups. She may be really mean on the outside, but she is
Rank: Goddess of the Darkness element; Sorcerer
Strengths: Water, Earth, Death, Love, Chaos, and maybe Air and Tranquility.
Abilities: Can change it to Nighttime for  a long period of time, and has Nightvision.
Weaknesses: Fire, Light, and if Air & Tranquility aren't Strengths, then Weaknesses.
Other: She wears a dark gray collar with a star charm dangling from it. Her human version of this Collar it turns into a charm bracelet, but the only charm on it is a Star Charm.



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